About Us

Some of our staff


Aleks is an avid gamer and works primarily in game development and concepts. Most of the time we see her the first words out of her mouth are ” I have a great idea”. Most of the rest of us scramble to keep up with her. Aleks holds a PhD in fingerpainting from Yale as well as many honorary degrees


James is part mad scientist and part silicon. He can speak in binary and build all kinds of black boxes. We typically lock James in his room and toss junk food and soda in to him every so ofter to keep him working. He holds degrees in computer science.


Clyde is part borg. He is hard wired into several graphics programs and dreams png slideshows. When Clyde is not blessing us with his creative juices, you might see him in concert. Clyde is also a talented musician and likes to write and play.


Kris is the janitor, manager, president. He buys the junk food, makes sure everyone gets some then pics up the wrappers. When not on junk food duty Kris researches and develops new game ideas and oversees the projects from conception to delivery. Kris is an avid gamer too but we try to discourage that and keep him working. (at least during work hours) Kris holds degrees in computer science and an MBA.


Vic is the resident horse whisperer and action game consultant. He gaurds the twinkies, tells kris when the trash needs to be taken out and watches the perimeter. Vic is in charge of shooting at things and blowing stuff up and has bonafides from the folks in charge of teaching people how to do those types of things.